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Our Value-Added

Shared Future is unique in that:

  • We can provide the full spectrum of services which are normally offered on an individual stand-alone basis by business schools, training and development firms, or executive coaches.  

  • Our staff come from executive education and MBA departments of top global business schools, have run a corporate university of a major listed multinational so understand the needs of global commercial enterprises, and have been executive coaches of top-ranked leadership institutes, aiding high potential and senior executives in their continual business and personal successes, across cultures and borders.

Our Services

We provide:

  • Learning and development programs designed and managed to international business school and corporate university level, with particular specialty in strategy;
  • An international network of experienced Facilitators, Executive Coaches and Program Managers;
  • Strong focus on aligning corporate learning to business success, by improving one’s ability to do the job, engagement and retention;
  • Advice on management and development of corporate learning;
  • Outsourced management of your corporate learning function. 

Our Philosphy

Shared Future encapsulates the belief that:

  • For a business to succeed, its people must have a shared vision and sense of purpose, motivating them towards that future state of operation that they are to achieve together.
  • The role of management leaders and leadership teams is to cohesively articulate this new direction, and empower and entrust their staff to actualize this new paradigm, operating seamlessly cross-border, cross-culture.
  • In essence, we all share our future, within our work groups, our businesses, and our personal interactions, regardless of where we’re located. 

Shared Future is a respected expert in Organizational Development, Executive Coaching and building strong and lasting teams - which share a common vision or "shared future". They have  provided our organization with great and lasting results and is considered a reliable, honest and trusted business partner.  I would recommend them for any individual or organization - committed to improvement and the pursuit of excellence in this new interconnected global economy.



Tel: +65 6220-5658

Registered Office:

10 Anson Road, #10-11

International Plaza

Singapore 079903, Singapore

B. K., President, Emerging Markets, Covidien

Executives must now be equipped not only with strategic thinking ability, but also EQ, SQ and CQ (emotional/social/

cultural intelligence quotient) to be truly an effective Global Leader.

Shared Future supports you and your business along that journey to continued business growth and individual development, providing the full spectrum of learning and development needs from management education to practical live case application, to ongoing executive coaching for individuals over time. 

We work as your collaborators, helping your firm to evolve competitively through strategy faciliation, and supporting your individuals grow and develop via personalized executive coaching as these changes take place, so you and your team can collectively reach your Shared Future together. 

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." 

John F. Kennedy

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