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Conceptual & Strategic Thinking
We focus on higher level thinking and competency development for senior leaders.
Sample topics include: Global Leadership Development, Developing Strategic Leaders, Strategy Agility & Implementation, Creativity & Innovation.

Global Collaboration
We believe learning to Lead Global Change is key to success for Multinational Corporations.  Shared Future can help build these competencies, and others, for competing in the global arena.​

Sample topics include: Cultural Intelligence, Remote Team Effectiveness, Leading Globally Dispersed Teams, Building Cross-Border Collaboration.

Group Facilitation
We have accredited and skilled facilitators, with international experience across many cultures, to facilitate group discussions and workshops, tackling a variety of projects.
Sample facilitations include: Strategy Workshops, Team and Culture Building.

The Shared Future approach can be tailored to any learning and development need.


Our Business Model is based on providing executive​ education and coaching, with a strong emphasis on global collaboration, to talents, managers and entrepreneurs, using our international network of associates.​  We believe that:

  • ​The ability to think conceptually about strategy, purpose and vision is a key skill that differentiates leaders from managers.

  • Few managers truly develop into strategic leaders because the demands of the day-to-day job restricts the time that managers can spend practising and developing their strategic capabilities.

  • Having the ability to coach people to think for themselves and work autonomously gives managers the time to think conceptually and become true strategic leaders.

  • Thinking strategically becomes habitual through practice and by knowing and applying the principals of successful strategy execution.​

We teach Executives how to work "ON" their business, and not just 'in' it.



Research shows that 70% of what we learn comes from our experiences, the assignments we work on, 20% comes from other people and 10% from formal training and development.  Our flagship offering, The Shared Future Program, uses the 70-20-10 principles of effective corporate learning centered around complex work related tasks to build participants’ know-how as they execute through the task.  Individual coaching of participants over a period of time, usually 3-6 months, further embeds the learning. The program structure follows this natural way of learning. 

Because a portfolio of ongoing development activities will embed learning more effectively than stand-alone workshops, our programs combine facilitated workshops, executive coaching, mentored projects and final consolidation workshops as part of the executives’ ongoing learning journey. We look to develop people who can have a successful impact on the business.


Commitment increases when Leaders care about the development of their people and want them to become the best they can be.  Managers make better Leaders when:

  • They learn how to use day-to-day jobs to build the competencies of their people;
  • Work becomes a source of personal learning and growth;
  • They develop their coaching and mentoring abilities;​
  • They manage potential.

The Shared Future Program improves:

  • Strategic Thinking and Strategy Execution 
  • Engagement, Commitment, and Retention
  • Peoples' Collaborative Abilities through a Sense of a Shared Future 
  • Culture of Continuous Learning and Development,
  • and most importantly, the Bond between Managers and their Teams.
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