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Shared Future happens when an explicit link is made between people’s aspirations and the delivery of the organization’s strategy.  In addition to our flagship Shared Future Program, we can provide you with Leadership, and Learning & Development programs customised to your needs:


We are accredited to deliver the following assessments, which we can integrate into our Shared Future Program, one-off trainings or individual executive coaching assignments:

Individual & Team Assessments

  • BarOn EQ

  • Belbin

  • Campbell Leadership Inventory

  • Change Style Indicator

  • California Psychological Inventory

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile

  • FIRO-B

  • Foursight

  • Hogan Assessment

  • MBTI

  • TAIS (The Attentional & Interpersonal Style Inventory)

  • Work Place Big5

360-Degree Assessments

  • Benchmarks

  • 360 By Design

  • Booth EQ

  • Executive Dimensions

  • Prospector

  • Skillscope

  • Transformational Leadership Questionnaire (TLQ) 360

  • Voices


Organizational Assessments:


  • KEYS to Creativity


Our coaches are world-class level and are experienced business people, also with high international exposure. 


Examples of typical coaching assignments include:

  • CEO and Senior Leader Coaching

  • Preparing for the CEO Role

  • Effective Leadership and Management

  • Talent Development

  • Assignments are tailored to the coachee

Coaching styles include:

  • Feedback coaching (using psychometrics and 360 assessments);

  • Ontological coaching (Newfield USA);

  • Neuro-Linguistics

  • Neuro-Semantics

Coaching Accreditations include:

  • Coach University

  • Coaching Clinic

  • Centre for Creative Leadership

  • NLP & Neuro-Semantics

  • Ontological Coaching



Conceptual & Strategic Thinking

We can run workshops and learning seminars to help you, your Leaders and your Executives develop their higher level thinking around:

  • Developing Strategic Agility (a business simulation can be included)

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Strategy Anticipation (using online strategic mapping)

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

  • Entrepreneurial Skills for Managers

Global Collaboration

We believe learning to collaborate globally is key to success for Multinational Corporations.  Shared Future can help build these competencies for competing in the global arena:

  • Remote Team Effectiveness

  • Leading Globally Dispersed Teams

  • Building Global Collaboration Across the Value Chain (with a real life project)

Our Coaches and Facilitators, all have a international backgrounds and experiences and have worked with many different cultures. We have a suite of programs designed to build global collaboration and have cascaded many programs globally.  These programs can be designed around real life projects, building cross-border collaboration, developing global leaders and generating revenue.

Group Facilitation
We have accredited and skilled facilitators, with international experience across many cultures, to facilitate group discussions and workshops, tackling a variety of projects, such as:

  • Strategy Workshops

  • Team and Culture Building

  • Creativity and Innovation

M.B., VP, Marriott International

"Shared Future has done a great job providing me with Executive coaching to support my management role in my organisation. They have an in depth knowledge of the environment, opportunities and challenges that are prevelant in the workplace. They also has a broad knowledge of tools and resources that are out there."


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